Hey! You have found my site. I hope you have enjoyed looking through my portfolio and have found the links to my socials which contain many more of my photos.

As you can see I am a Concert Photographer. Well actually my full-time job is as a Fire-fighter but when I'm not on crew I am photographing musicians. I'm based in East Anglia, UK but I venture out often to gigs in London, Birmingham, Cambridge and pretty much anywhere the bands I love will perform. I shoot shows for venues and occasionally the artists but mostly I shoot for the agencies, Splash News and WENN. 

My photos have been printed in several of the major UK newspapers, The Times, The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Mail and a variety of magazines world wide. 

Maybe you are here because you would like me to shoot a show for you. Whether you are an artist, a tour manager or a PR company please get in touch and let me know how I can help... or maybe you just want to say Hi.

get in touch.


It's not just the show itself I cover, I can offer much more! I shoot Meet n Greets with fans, Backstage portraits and sometimes focusing on the equipment being used by the artists. I also shoot the staff and PR guys at work as my aim is to make sure everyone has something to remember the event by. 

Get in touch with me and we can discuss what I can do for you. You will be surprised by my competitive prices! get in touch.

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